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      Great photography is known for its ability to capture the heart and the soul of a person in a certain moment. Robert Redmond Studios have the ability to capture this through their portrait photography in Ireland. With a portrait photo, the photographer can portray the expression, mood and personality of the subject through the face, the context, background and angle of the body and photo.

      Some of the best portrait photographs have been around since the invention of a camera, which proved hugely popular with royalty, as opposed to sitting for hours while they were painted. When it comes to portrait photography in Ireland, you will be provided with the appropriate lighting suited for the subject of the portrait. The photographer can then choose a lighting plan that would fit in with your chosen concept, and ensure that the best angle and lighting is setup to suit you.

      At all times, photo shoots will be set up to suit you and your vision, enhancing your personality and features to really stand out. The style of portrait can vary immensely depending on the style we are aiming for. Through various styles and techniques, portrait photography really is one of the most remarkable forms of pictures. Whatever you aim to achieve, we can discuss a plan and decide the best option to bring your vision to life.

      Techniques includes focusing most on the smile and the eyes, and others focus more on the body composition. When it comes to portrait photography in Ireland, there are 4 approaches that are used. The various approaches include: environmental, constructionist, candid and creative.

      4 Approaches in Portrait Photography

      • Candid

      This style would be mostly considered to be a ‘stolen shot’. A photograph where the subject is seemingly unaware the photo is being taken. The Candid photo is used mainly by the press in the US to capture celebrities walking by. Many of the greatest photographs in history are candid style photographs.

      • Creative

      Digital manipulation is a style common for magazine or modelling shoots to enchance the subject or the background to suit the required image.

      • Constructionist

      A constructionist photograph will focus on the subject and is generally used in social and studio photography.

      • Environmental

      Environmental photography focuses primarily on the background or the setting of the area. This is common during important social events or historical/political moments in time such as protests.

      Knowing these forms can help you better decide how you would like your portrait to look. By speaking with the photographer and getting a sense of their style and your vision you can work to truly creating something beautiful. Whether you would like a first day at school photo, a graduation photograph,  or any other, If you are in search of a professional provider of Portrait Photography services in Ireland, Robert Redmond Studios is the perfect choice for you. They have been capturing stunning, unique and creative photos since 1977.